Backyard Aquaponics Moves up In Populaity

Whether your from the United Kingdom or the United States, From Asia to Australia, you should hear about the new rage in food production. Backyard aquaponics is the combining of vegetable and fish gardening in order to create a symbiotic growing form that increases production.

Aquaponics is a closed loop system that requires no chemicals for fertilization. Water is conserved as there are very few inputs and the roots of the plants will oxygenate and thus cleanses water for the fish converting all of the toxins into nitrate rich nutrients. This in turn helps the plants to grow. The delicate balance of nature prevails and the fish are fed and kept clean and healthy while the plants are nourished by the fish.

Aztec Indians raised plants in this fashion on rafts on the lake in about 1100 AD. This of course was long before aquaponics was a term we'd ever heard of. In the 1970s aquaponics came back into vogue and was promoted as an organic agricultural form. Over the years, this unique way of gardening and fish farming became more and more high tech.

Generally, the newer backyard aquaponics systems use Tilapia as their fish. This popular and delicious fish survives easily in temperatures of 68 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Many other types of fish are being experimented with for aquaponics including trout, freshwater clams and other types of edible fish. It can take a few weeks to get the system up and going, but once it is, they take less than ten minutes per day to maintain due to the closed loop system.

Many see this form of gardening as a solution to the global food crisis. This ecological approach to meeting the needs of food for the world are viewed as a positive form of gardening. Soon now, we should be seeing many do it yourself systems for your own back yard aquaponic garden.

Many farmers are looking forward to huge profits by using such methods for gardening. Main is looking forward to  first commercial sized farm in the near future.

Fun Aquaponic Facts:

This form of gardening uses less than two percent of water because of the closed loop system.

Backyard aquaponics is a more energy efficient form of gardening.

You'll yield 8 to 10 times more in vegetables with this form of gardening for the same sized area.

Vegetables grown in this fashion have a much stronger and richer flavor than their counterparts grown conventionally. Pure, clan and natural, this form of gardening is also USDA Certified Organic and Safety Certified.