Two Tips To Shoo Away Toddler Bad Behavior

dealing with toddler behavior problemsParents are you being run ragged dealing with toddler behavior problems? Is the bad behavior starting to gain the upper hand.

I would like to share two things that could help you avoid going crazy. You can immediately follow these suggestions to restore order while taming the wild child who is living inside your toddler.

Identify The Thing Your Toddler Most Desires

In order to make positive improvements in a young child's behavior, think about what they love most of all. For most, it is the undivided attention of their loving parents. It may sound cynical, but when unacceptable behaviors occur, they need to understand that this is the very thing that they stand to lose. Immediately isolate your child and don't deliver either positive or negatives reinforcements when you do so.

Make sure that they have a quiet place to spend time in after they misbehave. It shouldn't have distractions or be filled with stimulating toys so that they can physically, mentally, and emotionally calm themselves down. If you are worried about them, install a video camera to keep a remote eye on them.

Follow Through On Your Commitments

If you set up consequences for unacceptable behaviors, you must follow through every single time misbehavior occurs. When you don't follow through because it is a bad time or you are out with a friend shopping, you actually reinforce that behavior in a powerful way. The rule is apply the expected consequences 100% of the time to end the behavior.

Notice when your toddler is starting to act up. Immediately step in and distract them into doing something else. This method works very well and troublesome toddler actions eventually disappear when they aren't reinforced.

Talking to todders is by far the best way to deal with toddler problems and help them to stop temper tantrums.