Rid Yourself Of Scary Panic Sensations    

Most people who suffer with anxiety have particular body sensations that trigger fear.  I have found that the most common link to the heart and fear is that it will beat so fast that it could causes a heart attack.

It is completely understandable for someone to have this type of fear.  For example, when you suffer from a panic attack, you may find that your heart beats like a drum and the sensation is felt in your throat and your stomach.  This type of reaction is not worrisome if you are working out in a gym or you are viewing a scary movie, but when you are walking through a supermarket doing your shopping, it can be scary.

Many people have fears, such as having a heart when they are all alone or while they are in public, accompanied by their family.  This particular fear is quite commonplace whilst exercising in a gym.

Other fears related to the heart include skipped heartbeats and palpitations.  This can really scare people when it happens and waiting for it to happen again causes increased anxiety.  The anxiety level is often further raised while trying to figure out any further problems that could stem from this.

People are often affected by one fearful sensation and this often starts a chain reaction to other sensations, such as dizziness, a lump in their throat and having difficulty breathing normally.

In the event that you fall into this category where you become anxious about sensations in your body, you should consult with your doctor as a first step.  Once you have been given clarity that there is nothing to worry about, you need to train yourself to take a mental step back and stop assessing every small aspect of your body functions.

Your body is able to keep you alive without too much help from you and worrying about it will not affect this natural procedure.  You may only have good intentions about your bodily sensations and are trying to overcome any small problems before they become big ones, but this constant concern may only worsen your situation.

The effort of trying to control the sensations in your body could be compared to someone who is nervous about flying insisting that they should be allowed to fly the plane when turbulence is experienced.  This type of behavior will simply exacerbate the problem and results in the buildup of additional tension.

It is important that you learn to train your mind to release these tensions and simply trust.  The anxiety you feel should be placed aside and you should place your trust in your body that it will continue to function in the same manner as it is meant to.  Simply sit back and consider all the years you have survived with your body doing the job that comes naturally and now your mind wants to control these processes and take control.  Your body can quite comfortably handle the sensations you are enduring.  The problem you face is with what is going on in your mind and how to control panic attacks.

You can find peace in overcoming this type of inconsistent fear and trusting your body.  The trust that once was there has been lost, but it is possible to regain it and get rid of the need to take control of your body.

You should let go of all the feelings and trust your heart, trust your breathing, and trust the sensation that you are most afraid of.

Trust your body in the same manner as you did prior to anxiety taking control.

Your body deserves to be trusted.

IMPORTANT:  If you are concerned about problems with your heart or any other sensation, it is recommended that you consult with your healthcare professional.  This will at least put your mind at ease.