10 Tips For Losing Weight Fast

If you are wanting to quickly lose a couple of pounds, then review our 10 tips below on fat weight loss.  It isn't necessary to go hungry or starve yourself.  Just be more aware of the foods you are eating, reduce your sugar and fat intake, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Here's how to lose weight fast:

1.  Write everything down that you drink or eat that contains calories, including even the bit of milk that you put into your coffee.  It isn't necessary to count calories.  Just writing everything down can help you notice when sneaky high calorie foods start to creep in and sabotage you losing weight fast.

2.  Instead of eating packaged foods and TV dinners, make your meals.  Food manufacturers add sugar and salt to practically everything they produce to make us crave them even more.

3.  In each main meal, include two vegetable servings at least (don't count potatoes).  Another option is to have a large salad and low fat dressing.  Try to eat more leafy, green vegetables.  Eating lots of fresh vegetables can help you feel more full.  It will also satisfy the needs of your body for minerals and vitamins and help to reduce your cravings.

4.  Cut your intake of fat in half.  It should be fairly easy for you to do this since you won't be eating packaged foods.  Use half the amount of oil you use in your cooking.  Thinly spread butter.  Use low fat milk.  Before cooking your meat, cut off the visible fat.  Also don't eat any of the skin.

5.  Don't eat sweet treats that contain sugar in them more than 3 times per week.  Sugar addicts might have a hard time with this at first.  However, soon you will appreciate the sweetness in vegetables and fruits much more.  Your biggest reward will be fast weight loss.

6.  Eat lots of fresh fruit.  Bananas, mangoes, applies, berries, cherries and grapes are delicious substitutes for unhealthy dessert that we tend to eat.  Eat chopped fruit with sugar-free low fat yogurt.

7.  Eat grated carrot as a snack.  You can throw a chopped up apple into the mix if you'd like.  It takes much longer to eat grated carrot than is does a whole carrot.  This makes it much more satisfying.

8.  Select foods that need to be chewed.  Eat slowly.  Between bites, put your fork down.  Eat brown rice rather than white rice.  Instead of juice, eat whole fruit.  The extra fiber will help to fill you up as well as assist your body with eliminating waste.  Chewing will also help you feel more satisfied.

9.  Plan your grocery shopping and meals ahead of time.  Prepare a list of everything you are going to need.  Stick with your plan.  Don't ever go grocery shopping when you're hungry.  Another option is to order your food online and have it delivered.

10.  Don't do anything else while you are eating.  Sit at a table, even when having a snack.  Don't do anything else while you are eating, like checking email, reading, driving or watching TV.  When you are eating with other people, don't talk about contentious or heavy topics during meals.  Arguing isn't good for digestion.  It also isn't helpful for fast weight loss.

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