Guidelines For Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

If you are experiencing difficulity with squirrels eating the seeds from your bird feeder, you can find these pointers are extremely useful. Squirrel thieves certainly are a prevalent problem and that is the truth for a long time.

The explanation for the trouble lies together with the manufacturers and retailers of bird feeders. Many of the millions of bird feeders sold nation wide are completely inadequate at providing even the basics so far as stopping squirrels from stealing the bird food in the feeder. I suppose it may be mainly because they would favor you coming back to get a new feeder every month or so.

The designs of these bird feeders do not deter squirrels from steeling the seeds, and there is no warning from the manufacturers that squirrels will not only steel the bird food, but could also even destroy the bird feeder.

The 1st tip is always to place your brand new bird feeder in a position that may be far enough from all bushes, trees and buildings in addition to overhangs to ensure that it should not be reached by squirrels. This will likely avoid the squirrels from jumping directly on to your bird feeder. Even though this is not a bird feeder that is squirrel proof, it will help to stop the squirrels.

Because of the strength and acrobatic ability, squirrels can easily produce a jump of 8 feet or maybe more. Because these animals are able to jump quite high within a vertical direction as well, it is essential to ensure that you place your bird feeder at the very least six feet from the top of the ground.

There are a few other tactics you may put into practice before you invest in a bird feeder that is completely shielded from squirrels and you may want to try these immediately. Although these techniques may well not often be effective they will at the minimum aid to discourage visiting squirrels from getting on your bird feeder.

Moving the current bird feeders onto a higher squirrel proof bird feeder pole mount will situate it away from all of the other objects that squirrels could use to launch from so that you can jump onto a feeder. The next step is to fit a squirrel baffle to the pole on which your bird feeder is put, in order to stop them from climbing the pole.

Additionally you can include a squirrel proof attachment to the feeder in order to avoid squirrels from progressing to the bird feed this is dependent upon the type of feeder you will be already using. If there isn't one designed for your bird feeder, or maybe you can't find one that really works, you may want to think about getting a squirrel proof feeder as a final resort.

The great thing is that instead of attempting to install add-ons in your existing bird feeders, getting the purpose built squirrel proof feeder will give you a lot more success.

However, you might believe that the excess expense of a nicely designed and effective squirrel proof feeder is too much of an outlay, it is important to take into account the extra cost is justified by the more complex design and the truth that it is able to withstand the daily squirrel attacks. The manufacturing process is obviously going to be more expensive as a result.

Moreover, if you are looking at the return on your investment, you will recognize that how much cash you spend less on bird food that might have been stolen by squirrels, combined with the costs of replacing feeders destroyed by squirrels, will more than replace with the excess price of the specially engineered feeder. In addition to the money saved, some time and hassle saved will be more than really worth the investment.

So, before you buy a whole new bird feeder, consider investing in a specifically made squirrel proof bird feeder since it is really the only way to completely guarantee that this birds is certain to get all the food you set out to them.